Good Intentions

And I walk down this path,
Paved with gold and silver,
And the colours of the rainbow,
Paved with nothing but good,
No, the best… of intentions…

Right into the heart of hell.

It takes time to walk this path,
Patience, they say is a virtue,
But one day, I will get there…

I watch the butterflies,
The red roses,
And the chrysanthemums,
As they lean towards me,
As if to try and get away,
From the gates of hell…

With each step, as I get closer,
I taste the air get more arid,
Just a little, only a little,
Barely noticeable…

And I watch the butterflies
As beautiful as a rainbow,
Glimmering ever so bright,
As they turn into moths,
As dark as the night sky,
Not even a sliver of light,
For there is no moon.

The flowers,
With the undeniable,
Their unforgettable fragrance,
Swaying softly in the breeze,
Inviting me into a world,
A world of joy and fun,
As they turn into death,
Into the dark branches,
That once held the beauty of all life…

The gate ever so wide open,
One does wonder, but quietly,
Why there are gates at all…

Walking through, I feel the heat,
It burns my skin, but slowly,
I feel myself burn away,
Slowly and with passion…

Sparks fly enthusiastically,
Playing with each other,
like lovers on a moonlit night.

When all is done and said,
I see that my heart is still beating,
The fires licking it, kissing it tenderly,
Coaxing it, ever so quietly and gently.

Join us, in this eternal fire,
This fire of infinity,
Burn, and for ever,
Be for ever a part of this.

But my heart denies the fire,
An eternity, an instant,
A drop of blood,

A small drop of blood,
floats down into the fire.

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