“Love” – Ta’oma

The say tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Those who say this clearly never lost, were clearly never betrayed but then, I have to agree with them on one count though – tis better to have loved and lost.

As I look at her picture, the flashes of memories tug at my heart and I  can feel the love that I once felt slowly stew and burn and turn into rage and bitter bitter revenge.. It has been a very slow process and it has been months, but there was a lot of love to turn into bitter rage.

I could still taste the bile in my mouth – I don’t know how Acacius manages to keep drinking that stuff as it was water. I’ve thrown up more of that stuff today that he drinks in an hour. It actually tastes worse coming back up than it does going down and that is quite a feat.

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“Life” – Valentin.

We’re only a few minutes away from our destination. What they expect us to find in the middle of the ocean is beyond me but that is not for me to worry about. I’m just doing as told. No more than a boat for hire – the money is good and it seems like a simple enough retrieval job. 

I giggled to myself at their people stumbling about, trying to keep their stomach. They seem to have calmed down a bit over the last hour..

As I take another bite off my sandwich, Alvin heads over and tells me that we’re within range of the dive site. The science team were already taking measurements and confirming assumptions. This meant that there was probably only another 10 – 15 minutes to get ready and into the bathyscaphe.

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“Sleep” – Acacius

Huh? What the? Where? and as I let my eyes adjust to the lighting and look around, I just see a note in front of me – it tells me to “Relax…”.. 

What? Is that all? I mean seriously.. who the hell am I and more importantly? where the hell am i? The frustration, the rage and the panic was starting to build up and.. “beep”, “beep beep”..

I  turn around to where the sound was coming from and there is a terminal beeping and flashing away… I get out of the bed and make my way over.

The screen tells to me to press any key… so I do, I press the biggest easiest key on the keyboard to press and it doesn’t do anything.. I try again – nothing!

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“Vengeance” – Agent Maccabee

I sip my coffee as Frank fills me in on the current situation while the lift zooms up to the 23rd Floor. After the fatalities the last time we identified a base of the enigmatic organisation that we only know as A, we are taking things a little slower, bit more carefully. 

First things first – “is it confirmed?” I ask him. “Yup, source checks out, as does satellite images and local intelligence”. I have an overwhelming desire to order a chopper, fly over with a few teams and just blow the place up. I lost 15 people to them last time – eye for an eye, but that’s not what we are about. We are the good guys – right?

As we go our separate ways and I head to my office, I ask frank to prepare a briefing for the team in 15 minutes. I start to imagine the ways in which we could get payback. I wonder if I want to kill the people in there slowly or whether a high yield detonation would be more appropriate.

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