For I once did fall,
For an angel of darkness and light,
As my knees touched rock bottom,
With the  heavy burden of this love I felt..

I realise that she does not love me,
For what she felt me for me,
There is not a word,
Not a phrase, a paragraph or a book.

Even all the words ever written,
All the words ever spoken or thought,
Yet could not describe that…

That undeniable, irrevocable feeling,
That fundamental fibre of her being,
Indescribable to any mortal,
Perhaps even the immortals…

My knees feel the rocks underneath,
And as I look up, I see her,
In all the glory that my mortal eyes can behold…

Her wings spread out,
In all their multicoloured glory…

Her bare feet, with her golden skin,
Glistening in the moonlight…

Her soft golden curls,
Draped over her kind  face,
Glistening in the glory of the sun…

You might know her as life,
Others describe her as fate,
Others yet might know her as destiny…

I did, but only once hear,
That she was described,
As nothing less than the universe…

Walking on this earth,
On the same streets each day,
Past the same buildings,
The same stores,
And the same concrete sidewalks…

The same as I walked on yesterday,
And the day before…

I straighten my back,
And I look up at the sky…

And I feel the tingling sensation,
Just very faintly on my back…

As it grows and sprouts,
Like a tree that has been watered and fed,
Not just for a day or three but decades and centuries…

I feel the wings on my back,
In all its multi-coloured glory…

In a moment of clarity, I realise,
To fly, all one has to do is dream…

And then simply reach for them…

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