Wet Feet | Let’s Play Subnautica

I started watching a Let’s play series on Subnautica while I was doing my own series on Space Engineers. I got so immersed in it that I stopped part way through and wanted to play the game by myself. It seems to have a gripping story and absolutely gorgeous views.

I dusted off my credit card, bought Subnautica and dived right into it. This is what happened.

I will be continuing both these series in parallel.

#01 – Getting my feet wet

In this episode, I get acquainted with the surroundings and craft myself a knife. I also end up dying  😦

#02 – Let There Be Light

I craft a flashlight so I can see in the dark, which is a lot of places / time. I go hunting for materials and end up blowing up 😦

#03 – Don’t Die

The main aim of this episode was to not die. Do I succeed? I also go find a lifepod.

#04 – Lifepod 17

I start this episode trying to find some silver, and end up going to find Lifepod 17.

#05 – Explorin’

We continue our hunt for silver, lead and the final piece of the seamoth. Trying to remain alive at the same time.

#06 – The Sunbeam

We get a message from the Sunbeam telling us that they are about to land. Rescue at last! or is it?

#07 – Lifepod 13

We head out to lifepod 13. On the way back, “Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?”

#08 – The Aurora

We head over to the Aurora and manage to explore a part of it.

#09 – Time Capsules

We head over to Second Officer Keens lifepod and find a few time capsules along the way.

#10 – Close Encounters

Try to head over to lifepod 12 which has sunk over 250m, but we don’t make it that far. Why not?

#11 – Land Ahoy

Head over to the co-ordinates provided by Second Officer Keen. Still scared of water from the last episode.

#12 – The Jellyshroom Habitat

Follow the Degasi into the Jellyshroom cave where we discover some treasures.

#13 – Stasis Rifle

We head back into the Jellyshroom cave looking for Lithium but ending up finding a lot more.

#14 – Wanted: Gel Sack

Realising how crucial these little things are, and regretting accidentally eating a bunch of them, I try and find some. Do I succeed?

#15 – Some Base Building

A little bit of base maintenance and upgrades. Making life easier 😉

#16 – Back to the Aurora

We go back to the Aurora, trying to get back into the Prawn Bay.

#17 – Lifepod 4

We try to find Lifepod 4 which is in Reaper territory. Scary!

#18 – Avoiding Lifepod 12

Terrified of going back to lifepod 12, I find something else to do.

#19 – Balls

I visit lifepod 12 (the balls). I then make my way to the Degasi habitat at 500m and run into a field of blue balls. On my way back, Balls! What the hell was that?

#20 – PRAWN

Finally get the parts together to build a PRAWN suit.

#21 – Torpedoes

Get down the 500m deep Degasi habitat, then decide I probably need some torpedoes.

#22 – Crabsquid Ahoy

We head back to the 500m Degasi habitat, torpedoes armed and full of bravery.

#23 – Enforcement Platform


I try and find the island which shot down the sunbeam again and this time, I succeed. Lots of exploration and finding lots of new things.

#24 – Enforcement Platform pt 2


Offload all the loot and go back to the Enforcement Platform for more explorin’. What is that alien device that needed an ion cube?

#25 – What… are… you?


This episode is full of surprises.

#26 – Knowing Me, Knowing Yu


We go looking for Yu’s lifepod and find some treasures.

#27 – Scanning Output


Set up a scanning output to try and find fragments a bit easier

#28 – Scanning from Output


Use the new output to try and find fragments for blueprints

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