I am going to veer away from the seriousness of work for a minute (don’t laugh at that) and cover a very important and underappreciated creature that graces our offices. Used to grace our office a lot but is now rare to find…

Here is the mascot too shy to show his face. Our mascot loves and cares about us. Cheers up when we end up working those really late night shifts to rescue a website or hit a crunch deadline which our clients sometime ask us for. Even used to bring us food, beer, bubblewrap and good humour.

In serious times of need, the mascot would even dance for us:

We love the mascot because he goes to such lengths to make us happy. Unfortunately, sometimes, it all gets a little too much for the little guy:

We love the mascot and look forward to seeing him as Tinkerbell at our Christmas Party next week 🙂

Here is to our Mascot: