The Urn – Acacius

I take a quick swig from my hipflash, put it back safely, quick sprint and I leap off. I turn back to look at the plane and I see my two lieutenants leap out of the airship as well saddled with parachutes. I relax into the air, and time slows down to an absolute crawl. The wind whistles past my ears and I watch as they release their parachutes. I take a moment and turn around to face the ground for impact. I crash into the ground, and as I open my eyes, I see the dust slowly settle around me. I’m surround by an army.

I briefly look up and spot the two parachutes landing close by. I look around and spot my target – he is amidst them all in a chariot, heading towards me. The two parachutes land in flanking positions amidst the army. I unsheathe my sword and can’t help but smile.

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