The Death Of a Follower

Back in 2011, starting from the 11th November, i.e. 11.11.11, I had booked a weeks holiday. I planned to travel a brand new world and so I did – for a whole week. Skyrim was released at midnight and I started playing. Over the week, I spend around 75 hours on the game and I had reached a meagre level 25 and got only about a third of the way through the main quest. Playing through and completing a number of games recently got me to thinking about Skyrim and the Illusionist Diaries inspired me to start again.

I was in front of the daedric lord Clavicus Vile and it was all slowly coming to me. I heard Barbas barking away in the background and Jordis the Sword Maiden was her usual self, prancing about.

I looked for a way to get out and got to a closed gate. Seeing now way to open the gate, I took the long way back out the cave. No biggie, it was a good way to re-acquaint myself with the world again.

Once I got out of the cave, I re-prioritised. I had enough of traipsing around doing whatever I fancied. It was time to put an end to the civil war and of course to put a stop to all this dragon malarkey.

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