Remembering Mars Beta 1 | Let’s Play Memories of Mars

“100 years in the future, something happened on Mars. Once frequently visited, it is now abandoned with some left behind. Explore and Survive the Red Planet.”

~ Memories of Mars

When I saw the game description on steam, I was intrigued. When they were giving out Beta keys, I volunteered and got myself a key. Following are videos put together from maybe around 10 hours of gameplay. Hope you enjoy

#01 – Exploring Mars


Random wanderings, musings and exploration of Mars.

#02 – Building a base


This is mainly the highlights of me figuring out and building a base on Mars 🙂

#03 – Beta 1 Highlights


Highlights from around 6 hours of gameplay over the Beta 1 Weekend.

Space Engineers Guides

#01 – Rdav’s AI Autominer Script

I had been pondering automated mining in Space Engineers for a long time and I need ponder no longer. I stumbled across this script one fine morning and have implemented it more than once. I absolutely love this script. This video covers how to set it up and various things to consider for maximum mining efficiency.

ZFS Deleting files doesn’t free up space

So I have a proxmox server on which I run a few VM’s and the other day it completely ran out of space. This was because of overprovisioning through thin volumes.

After much head scratching and metaphorically banging my head against a wall, here are the things I learnt.

Empty Trash

Local Trash

Make sure that have emptied the trash on the VM’s .Ubuntu has this issue and so might other distributions

Network Trash

If you have SAMBA enabled on your VM’s make sure that the Recycle Bin is not enabled. I have openmediavault running on a VM and I had to go through and disable the Recycling Bin. Make sure that the Recycle bin is emptied. They are hidden folders in the root of your shares.

Correct Driver & Settings

  • When setting up the hard drive for your VM, make sure you use virtio-scsi (or just scsi on the web interface).
    • If you disk is already set up using IDE or VirtIO,
      • Delete it. Don’t worry, it’s only deleting the link. The disk itself will show up in the interface afterwards
      • Double click on the unattached disk and select SCSI and Discard
      • You might have to fix the references to the drive in the OS
  • On the Device Screen, make sure discard is selected.


Configure the OS to send TRIM commands to the drive


On Mount

You can pass the parameter discard to any mountpoint and the correct TRIM commands will be sent to the disk. HOWEVER, this is apparently a big performance hit.

To do the actual trim, run

$ fstrim /

OR to run fstrim on all supported drives

$ fstrim -a

Digital Ocean has a detailed post about setting TRIM and setting up a schedule etc.


My deepest apologies! Also, I don’t run Windows on any of my VM’s so I have no experience with it.

First Run | Let’s Play while True; learn() [DONE]

I stumbled across a let’s play series on this game on YouTube and was absolutely fascinated. I bought it and started playing it. It’s in early access and while it’s a little rough around the edges, I am enjoying playing it so far

#01 – Getting Started

Getting the hang of the game and getting involved with a startup.

#02 – Self Driving Cars

Getting involved with self driving cars.

#03 – Optimisin’

Lots of optimisations.

#04 – More Optimisin’


Try my hand at more optimisations and also complete one more task.

#05 – $2,147,483,648


Fail at completing a task because it’s just a little too slow. Run into a bug that puts me billions of dollars in debt, effectively ending my playthrough.

Space Engineers Showcases

Here we have some of the items I have showcased


Big Bertha – Leviathan Mining Ship


I got tired of the multiple mining trips I had to do. This frustration led me to build this large mining ship. It took me several hours and more steel plates than I could count. Hope you enjoy this tour

Wet Feet | Let’s Play Subnautica

I started watching a Let’s play series on Subnautica while I was doing my own series on Space Engineers. I got so immersed in it that I stopped part way through and wanted to play the game by myself. It seems to have a gripping story and absolutely gorgeous views.

I dusted off my credit card, bought Subnautica and dived right into it. This is what happened.

I will be continuing both these series in parallel.

#01 – Getting my feet wet

In this episode, I get acquainted with the surroundings and craft myself a knife. I also end up dying  😦

#02 – Let There Be Light

I craft a flashlight so I can see in the dark, which is a lot of places / time. I go hunting for materials and end up blowing up 😦

#03 – Don’t Die

The main aim of this episode was to not die. Do I succeed? I also go find a lifepod.

#04 – Lifepod 17

I start this episode trying to find some silver, and end up going to find Lifepod 17.

#05 – Explorin’

We continue our hunt for silver, lead and the final piece of the seamoth. Trying to remain alive at the same time.

#06 – The Sunbeam

We get a message from the Sunbeam telling us that they are about to land. Rescue at last! or is it?

#07 – Lifepod 13

We head out to lifepod 13. On the way back, “Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?”

#08 – The Aurora

We head over to the Aurora and manage to explore a part of it.

#09 – Time Capsules

We head over to Second Officer Keens lifepod and find a few time capsules along the way.

#10 – Close Encounters

Try to head over to lifepod 12 which has sunk over 250m, but we don’t make it that far. Why not?

#11 – Land Ahoy

Head over to the co-ordinates provided by Second Officer Keen. Still scared of water from the last episode.

#12 – The Jellyshroom Habitat

Follow the Degasi into the Jellyshroom cave where we discover some treasures.

#13 – Stasis Rifle

We head back into the Jellyshroom cave looking for Lithium but ending up finding a lot more.

#14 – Wanted: Gel Sack

Realising how crucial these little things are, and regretting accidentally eating a bunch of them, I try and find some. Do I succeed?

#15 – Some Base Building

A little bit of base maintenance and upgrades. Making life easier 😉

#16 – Back to the Aurora

We go back to the Aurora, trying to get back into the Prawn Bay.

#17 – Lifepod 4

We try to find Lifepod 4 which is in Reaper territory. Scary!

#18 – Avoiding Lifepod 12

Terrified of going back to lifepod 12, I find something else to do.

#19 – Balls

I visit lifepod 12 (the balls). I then make my way to the Degasi habitat at 500m and run into a field of blue balls. On my way back, Balls! What the hell was that?

#20 – PRAWN

Finally get the parts together to build a PRAWN suit.

#21 – Torpedoes

Get down the 500m deep Degasi habitat, then decide I probably need some torpedoes.

#22 – Crabsquid Ahoy

We head back to the 500m Degasi habitat, torpedoes armed and full of bravery.

#23 – Enforcement Platform


I try and find the island which shot down the sunbeam again and this time, I succeed. Lots of exploration and finding lots of new things.

#24 – Enforcement Platform pt 2


Offload all the loot and go back to the Enforcement Platform for more explorin’. What is that alien device that needed an ion cube?

#25 – What… are… you?


This episode is full of surprises.

#26 – Knowing Me, Knowing Yu


We go looking for Yu’s lifepod and find some treasures.

#27 – Scanning Output


Set up a scanning output to try and find fragments a bit easier

#28 – Scanning from Output


Use the new output to try and find fragments for blueprints

Let’s Play Space Engineers | Pilot Series


I have been watching gameplay videos on youtube for a while now. I have always been inspired by them and wanted to start a series of my own.

I hadn’t played space engineers for a few months and had been wanting to go back to it. That made it an ideal candidate to try this on. One thing I always struggled with Space Engineers is that it doesn’t have a goal to work towards. To this end, I have tried to come up with a backstory that’ll give something to work towards

It was substantially more difficult than it looks to talk and play a game and the first couple of episodes are incredibly stumbly. I share them for posterity, continuity and hopefully to also show how much improvement there is later on, hopefully.


A lone space engineer wakes up in his small ship, far away from a home he once knew. There are only a handful of people still awake, with a few thousand people across a few factions in cryo-sleep. A capital ship is being built to house these cryo chambers. Several engineers have been sent out into the galaxies to build a base.

Their mission is to colonise planets, ideally multiple planets, for each of the three factions. With a few hundred to a thousand people in each faction. Once all the habitats have been built, the engineer is to send a radio signal and await the arrival of the cargo.

With the heavy burden of this mission on their shoulders, this space engineer wakes up, caught in the gravitational pull of a blue planet.


Below are the episodes already uploaded to youtube.

#01 – Hunting for Uranium





In the first episode, we start in a respawn ship within the gravitational pull of Earth. We then move off into space and go hunting for uranium before we run out of power. The most excitement came when I realised that I was running out of oxygen and I hadn’t taken a canister with me. Will I die from suffocation? Find out 😉

This is a very noob video, my very first. Also, due to a recording mistake, there are no game sounds on this video 😦

#02 – Starting a Base

We identify a location to start our base out on and start building it in earnest. Partway through, I realise that the scaffolding that I had painstaking built out was way too large, so I tear it down and try to build a small base. I also spend some time mining out a bunch of iron.

This is also a very noob video, though I think there are fewer boring parts (hopefully). The game audio issue is also fixed part way through.

#03 – Furnishing






This episode revolves around finishing construction of some of the items inside the base. There was some confusion about how to build a cargo container without dismantling the one on the ship.

This is hopefully starting to get a little better.

#04 – More Furnishings


Realise that I am running out of oxygen (again) and we don’t have an Oxygen Generator or Ice. Fix that first, then build a turret for some protection.

I felt this episode was a lot better.

#05 – The Bug

This episode starts with building a rudimentary mining ship which I screw up. I had been away from this game for a while 😉 I then fix a bunch of the stuff, do some mining, then fix a bunch of other things.

This episode also felt pretty ok to me.

#06 – The Shredder

In this episode, I build a grinding ship. I then use this ship to grind down the original respawn ship completely. I also reconstruct the roof of the base to be a little tidier. The rest of the episode is spent scouting for resources.

It feels like I need to commentate more. While editing, I realise that there are a few unexpressed thoughts and the sheer amount of time when I am not saying anything still surprises me. A lot more work still to do 🙂

#07 – The Digger



We build another version of the miner, so that we don’t have to deal with the container snafu ‘bug’ 😉 This episode runs a little longer, but we end up with a much better version of the miner which I call the digger. This is a callback to a game that was released in 1983 which I loved growing up 🙂 You can try it online.

I feel that the videos are definitely improving and look forward to hearing what you think 🙂

#08 – Tim is in Charge




Tidy the base up a bit, plugging the reactor into the conveyor system. I then set up Talendan’s inventory management (TIM) to automate the refinery, assembler and the inventories. Set up some LCD panels to see the status of these as well.

#09 – Base Expansion

Fix a couple of things on the base and start on expanding it.

#10 – The Mole


Build a tiny mining ship using the Vertex Thrust 2 Script. This doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

#11 – The Refinery Room

Get the framework for the refinery room more or less complete

#12 – The Beaver

Most of this episode was spent trying to build a small and compact enough welding ship.

#13 – The Refinery Room Pt 2

We weld up the refinery room and link it up to the rest of the cargo network.

#14 – Misbehavin’ Tim

Start on boring out the refinery room and run into some trouble with Tim too.

#15 – Assembler Jigsaw

Start putting down assemblers.

#16 – Assembler Room

Finish construction of the assembler room.

#17 – Base with a View

Prettify the base and tidy things up.

#18 – The Storage Room

Drilling out the storage room

#19 – Storage Room Complete

Completed the welding and setup of the storage room.

#20 – Control Room

Tidying up the Control room and preparing the base for pressurisation.

#21 – Fully Automated Mining

Using Rdav’s AI Autominer Script to put together a fully autonomous mining ship.

#22 – Ant Mk II Better Automated Miner

While falling asleep, I had some ideas on how to improve the Ant. I get on with constructing the Ant Mk II.

#23 – Testing the Ant Mk II

Wait, why does the ship try and drill through the asteroid sideways?

#24 – Ant Mk II Chassis


We build the Chassis around most of the Ant, send it off mining and start working on airlocks.

#25 – Rotary Airlock


Put in Airlocks and start on getting the base airtight.

#26 – Airtight Refinery Room


We manage to get the refinery room airtight? What was the problem – something I had done right at the start of setting the room up.

#27 – Fully Pressurised


Fix the autominers so they work across reloads. Get the base fully pressurised and move on to the next project.

#28 – Holey Cave


What I wanted was to have the new section to be mostly just rock, or in this case, iron deposits. Do I manage to get it airtight?

#29 – Unholey Cave


Working on making the way to the hanger airtight.

#30 – Fixing Sim Speed


Space Engineers had been dragging for a few episodes. Fix that.

#31 – Way to the Hangar


We make progress building our way towards the hangar.

#32 – Building a Tunnel


Building the tunnel that’ll take us to the Hangar.

#33 – Finishing the Tunnels


We finish off the tunnel to the Hangar

#34 – Under the Stairs


We start furnishing under the stairs 😉

#35 – Starting the Hangar


We make our way to the hangar and start on it in earnest.

#36 – Hangar Foundations pt 1


We start putting in the struts that will hold the hangar together

#37 – Hangar Foundations pt 2


We continue our work in putting in the struts around the hangar

#38 – Small Steel Tubes


While putting in the tubing around the hangar, we run out of small steel tubes.

#39 – Automining Without Lag


Try and get the autominers working without lag.

#40 – Faster Mining


Try and speed up automatic mining by attaching several more drills.

#41 – Hangar Foundations pt 3


Putting down another set of foundations for the hangar

#42 – Hangar Foundations pt 4


Piping up the hangar

#43 – The Printer


Build a welding ship and get started on the capital ship.

#44 – Everything is Broken 😦


One by one fail by fail. At least, that’s how it felt.

#45 – Fixing Things


Try and fix everything that broke in the last episode.

#46 – Making Space


Making more space inside the large grid ship to put things.

#47 – Interior Design


So… What should go inside this brand spanking new ship?

#48 – No More Gold!


We run out of gold while building the jump drive.

#49 – Detaching the Ship


We grind off the supporting beams. Will the ship crash and burn?

#50 – The Big Five O


The fiftieth episode of this series. My first ever YouTube series and it has got to 50 episodes. Hurrah!

#51 – Interior Redesign


I start off with the intention of finishing off the hanger, but end up grinding the whole hangar down.

#52 – Rebuilding the Hangar


We get back on to the hangar and get most of it down

#53 – The Right Wing


No, it’s not a political episode, it’s about building the wing on the right hand side of the ship.

#54 – Out of Cobalt


Working on the right wing and I run out of metal grids, which as it turned out was because we were out of Cobalt.

Future Plans

The main next plan is to flesh out the base a bit and get a solid starting point. After that, we’ll go to the moon. We’ll build a moon base with a habitat of some form.

If I am not bored after that, I might try heading to Mars or the Alien planet since I’ve not been to either of those locations.

Unlikely but would be awesome

In an offline map, kaljack and I were working on building a massive capital ship with hundreds (or thousands) of cryo chambers. The idea being that this ship would contain the remaining people from a now dead civilisation. They are looking for a place to land and call home.

The habitats and the environments we are building are for these people. If we ever finish that capital ship, we’ll get it jump into our world and land on one or more of these locations.


I welcome comments, ideas and thoughts, ideally in the form of compliments 😉 but I also welcome constructive criticisms, ideas, questions and requests.

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Drupal 8 error: “The following reasons prevent the modules from being uninstalled: Fields pending deletion”

When you try and uninstall a module which has a field that you have used, it can throw the following error:

The following reasons prevent the modules from being uninstalled: Fields pending deletion

This is an issue in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. This is due to the fact that drupal doesn’t actually delete the data for the field when you delete the field. It deletes the data during cron runs. If cron hasn’t been run enough times since you deleted the field, drupal won’t let you uninstall the module.

To force drupal to purge the data, you can run the following command

drush php-eval  'field_purge_batch(500);'

Increase 500 to a high enough number to wipe out the data. Afte this has completed, you should be able to uninstall the module

Module uninstall dependencies (drupal stackexchange)
Message “Required by Drupal (Fields Pending Deletion)” baffles users
Can’t uninstall YAML because of following reason: Fields pending deletion

Drupal 7 + Services: Paging & Filtering the index endpoint

There are a lot of ways to manipulate the data returned by the index endpoint. In this post, we are going to consider the node index endpoint. By default, this endpoint returns all nodes sorted in descending order of last update with 20 items per page.

You access the node index endpoint by going to

http://<domain>/<endpoint-path/node.json (or the alias given to node in the resources section)

You can replace .json with with other extensions to get the same data in different formats

To access the second page, you can use the page parameter



To change the number of items on each page, you need the "perform unlimited index" queries permission. You use the pagesize parameter to change it

To filter a field, you can use the parameters[property] where ‘property’ is the field on which you want to filter. It needs to be a field on the node table, and not a drupal field as it does not do the joins to pull in field data.



To apply a different filter than of equality, you can use options[parameters_op][property] where property is the same as above.



To return fewer fields, you can use fields and comma separate the properties. Once again, you can only specify properties on the entity (i.e fields on the base table)



you can sort the results by using options[orderby][property]=<asc|desc>



You can also mix and match these separate options


Understanding ZFS Disk Utilisation and available space

I am hopeful the following will help someone scratch their head a little less in trying to understand the info returned by zfs.

I set up a pool using 4 2TB SATA disks.

$ zpool list -v
rpool 7.25T 2.50T 4.75T - 10% 34% 1.00x ONLINE -
raidz2 7.25T 2.50T 4.75T - 10% 34%
sda2 - - - - - -
sdb2 - - - - - -
sdc2 - - - - - -
sdd2 - - - - - -

The total size displayed here is the total size of the 4 disks. The maths works as 4*2TB = 8TB = ~7.25TiB

RAIDZ2 is like RAID6 and it uses two disks for parity. Thus, I would expect to have ~4TB or 3.63TiB of available space. I haven’t been able to find this number displayed anywhere.

However, you can find the amount of disk space still available using the following command.

$# zfs list
rpool 1.21T 2.19T 140K /rpool
rpool/ROOT 46.5G 2.19T 140K /rpool/ROOT
rpool/ROOT/pve-1 46.5G 2.19T 46.5G /
rpool/data 1.16T 2.19T 140K /rpool/data
rpool/data/vm-100-disk-1  593M 2.19T  593M -
rpool/data/vm-101-disk-1 87.1G 2.19T 87.1G -
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1 71.2G 2.19T 71.2G -
rpool/data/vm-103-disk-1 2.26G 2.19T 2.26G -
rpool/data/vm-103-disk-2 13.2M 2.19T 13.2M -
rpool/data/vm-103-disk-3 13.2M 2.19T 13.2M -
rpool/data/vm-103-disk-4   93K 2.19T   93K -
rpool/data/vm-103-disk-5 1015G 2.19T 1015G -
rpool/data/vm-104-disk-1 4.73G 2.19T 4.73G -
rpool/data/vm-105-disk-1 4.16G 2.19T 4.16G -
rpool/swap               8.66G 2.19T 8.66G -

The value of 2.19T is the amount of unallocated space available in the pool. To verify this, you can run

# zfs get all rpool
NAME PROPERTY     VALUE                           SOURCE
rpool type                      filesystem                       -
rpool creation              Fri Aug 4 20:39 2017    -
rpool used                     1.21T                                 -
rpool available             2.19T                                -


If we add the two numbers here, 1.21T + 2.19T = 3.4T.

5% of disk space is reserved, so 3.63 * 0.95 = 3.4T

et voila