Unfolding the Story | Let’s Play Epistory

The other day I stumbled across Origin All Access and saw that it had a bunch of games I wanted to play. One of these was Epistory, which had been in my wishlist for a long time. When trying the game out, I fell in love with it. It is absolutely a treat, so I decided to go through it as part of a let’s play.

#01 – Signal Fires


A meteor falls from the sky, and everything changes.

#02 – Forgotten Forest


We find a dark forest, forgotten and resistant.

#03 – Cold Shoulder


We witness another calamity, which once again changes everything.

#04 – Drowning Halls


Ice and water in these halls. Do we learn another language?

#05 – Spark


We stumble across Chapter 3 and another language

#06 – Creation City


Explore the rest of Creation City

#07 – Ice Mausoleum


We come across the Ice Mausoleum while exploring and delve into it.

#08 – Winds of Change


We run across Chapter 4 while exploring.

#09 – Shattered Isles


We go into the shattered isles and discover the fourth language.

Remembering Mars Beta 1 | Let’s Play Memories of Mars

“100 years in the future, something happened on Mars. Once frequently visited, it is now abandoned with some left behind. Explore and Survive the Red Planet.”

~ Memories of Mars

When I saw the game description on steam, I was intrigued. When they were giving out Beta keys, I volunteered and got myself a key. Following are videos put together from maybe around 10 hours of gameplay. Hope you enjoy

#01 – Exploring Mars


Random wanderings, musings and exploration of Mars.

#02 – Building a base


This is mainly the highlights of me figuring out and building a base on Mars šŸ™‚

#03 – Beta 1 Highlights


Highlights from around 6 hours of gameplay over the Beta 1 Weekend.

Space Engineers Guides

#01 – Rdav’s AI Autominer Script

I had been pondering automated mining in Space Engineers for a long time and I need ponder no longer. I stumbled across this script one fine morning and have implemented it more than once. I absolutely love this script. This video covers how to set it up and various things to consider for maximum mining efficiency.

ZFS Deleting files doesn’t free up space

So I have a proxmox server on which I run a few VM’s and the other day it completely ran out of space. This was because of overprovisioning through thin volumes.

After much head scratching and metaphorically banging my head against a wall, here are the things I learnt.

Empty Trash

Local Trash

Make sure that have emptied the trash on the VM’s .Ubuntu has this issue and so might other distributions

Network Trash

If you have SAMBA enabled on your VM’s make sure that the Recycle Bin is not enabled. I have openmediavault running on a VM and I had to go through and disable the Recycling Bin. Make sure that the Recycle bin is emptied. They are hidden folders in the root of your shares.

Correct Driver & Settings

  • When setting up the hard drive for your VM, make sure you use virtio-scsi (or just scsi on the web interface).
    • If you disk is already set up using IDE or VirtIO,
      • Delete it. Don’t worry, it’s only deleting the link. The disk itself will show up in the interface afterwards
      • Double click on the unattached disk and select SCSI and Discard
      • You might have to fix the references to the drive in the OS
  • On the Device Screen, make sure discard is selected.


Configure the OS to send TRIM commands to the drive


On Mount

You can pass the parameter discard to any mountpoint and the correct TRIM commands will be sent to the disk. HOWEVER, this is apparently a big performance hit.

To do the actual trim, run

$ fstrim /

OR to run fstrimĀ on all supported drives

$ fstrim -a

Digital Ocean has a detailed post about setting TRIM and setting up a schedule etc.


My deepest apologies! Also, I don’t run Windows on any of my VM’s so I have no experience with it.

First Run | Let’s Play while True; learn() [DONE]

I stumbled across a let’s play series on this game on YouTube and was absolutely fascinated. I bought it and started playing it. It’s in early access and while it’s a little rough around the edges, I am enjoying playing it so far

#01 – Getting Started

Getting the hang of the game and getting involved with a startup.

#02 – Self Driving Cars

Getting involved with self driving cars.

#03 – Optimisin’

Lots of optimisations.

#04 – More Optimisin’


Try my hand at more optimisations and also complete one more task.

#05 –Ā $2,147,483,648


Fail at completing a task because it’s just a little too slow. Run into a bug that puts me billions of dollars in debt, effectively ending my playthrough.

Space Engineers Showcases

Here we have some of the items I have showcased


Big Bertha – Leviathan Mining Ship


I got tired of the multipleĀ mining trips I had to do. This frustration led me to build this large mining ship. It took me several hours and more steel plates than I could count. Hope you enjoy this tour

Wet Feet | Let’s Play Subnautica

I started watching a Let’s play series on Subnautica while I was doing my own series on Space Engineers. I got so immersed in it that I stopped part way through and wanted to play the game by myself. It seems to have a gripping story and absolutely gorgeous views.

I dusted off my credit card, bought Subnautica and dived right into it. This is what happened.

I will be continuing both these series in parallel.

#01 – Getting my feet wet

In this episode, I get acquainted with the surroundings and craft myself a knife. I also end up dyingĀ  šŸ˜¦

#02 – Let There Be Light

I craft a flashlight so I can see in the dark, which is a lot of places / time. I go hunting for materials and end up blowing up šŸ˜¦

#03 – Don’t Die

The main aim of this episode was to not die. Do I succeed? I also go find a lifepod.

#04 – Lifepod 17

I start this episode trying to find some silver, and end up going to find Lifepod 17.

#05 – Explorin’

We continue our hunt for silver, lead and the final piece of the seamoth. Trying to remain alive at the same time.

#06 – The Sunbeam

We get a message from the Sunbeam telling us that they are about to land. Rescue at last! or is it?

#07 – Lifepod 13

We head out to lifepod 13. On the way back, “Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?”

#08 – The Aurora

We head over to the Aurora and manage to explore a part of it.

#09 – Time Capsules

We head over to Second Officer Keens lifepod and find a few time capsules along the way.

#10 – Close Encounters

Try to head over to lifepod 12 which has sunk over 250m, but we don’t make it that far. Why not?

#11 – Land Ahoy

Head over to the co-ordinates provided by Second Officer Keen. Still scared of water from the last episode.

#12 – The Jellyshroom Habitat

Follow the DegasiĀ into the Jellyshroom cave where we discover some treasures.

#13 – Stasis Rifle

We head back into the Jellyshroom cave looking for Lithium but ending up finding a lot more.

#14 – Wanted: Gel Sack

Realising how crucial these little things are, and regretting accidentally eating a bunch of them, I try and find some. Do I succeed?

#15 – Some Base Building

A little bit of base maintenance and upgrades. Making life easier šŸ˜‰

#16 – Back to the Aurora

We go back to the Aurora, trying to get back into the Prawn Bay.

#17 – Lifepod 4

We try to find Lifepod 4 which is in Reaper territory. Scary!

#18 – Avoiding Lifepod 12

Terrified of going back to lifepod 12, I find something else to do.

#19 – Balls

I visit lifepod 12 (the balls). I then make my way to the Degasi habitat at 500m and run into a field of blue balls. On my way back, Balls! What the hell was that?

#20 – PRAWN

Finally get the parts together to build a PRAWN suit.

#21 – Torpedoes

Get down the 500m deep Degasi habitat, then decide I probably need some torpedoes.

#22 – Crabsquid Ahoy

We head back to the 500m DegasiĀ habitat, torpedoes armed and full of bravery.

#23 – Enforcement Platform


I try and find the island which shot down the sunbeam again and this time, I succeed. Lots of exploration and finding lots of new things.

#24 – Enforcement Platform pt 2


Offload all the loot and go back to the Enforcement Platform for more explorin’. What is that alien device that needed an ion cube?

#25 – What… are… you?


This episode is full of surprises.

#26 – Knowing Me, Knowing Yu


We go looking for Yu’s lifepod and find some treasures.

#27 – Scanning Output


Set up a scanning output to try and find fragments a bit easier

#28 – Scanning from Output


Use the new output to try and find fragments for blueprints