How to fix terminal title after disconnecting from ssh

For some reason, ssh does not clean up after itself in terms of updating the terminal title when you disconnect.

Here is a simple solution, a combination of and

Add the following functions into your ~/.bashrc It will push the current title and icon into a stack and pop it afterwards.

function ssh()
    # push current title and icon to stack
    echo -ne '\e[22t'
    # Execute ssh as expected
    /usr/bin/ssh "$@"
    # revert the window title after the ssh command
    echo -ne '\e[23t'

Restart bash / log out and back in, and it should work.

For security reasons, it is not possible to query the current title of the terminal. However, with the following command, you can push the current one on to a stack

echo -ne '\e[22t'

The title can then be set to anything, by ssh for example. You can then pop that back from the stack using

echo -ne '\e[23t'

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