First Run | Let’s Play while True; learn() [DONE]

I stumbled across a let’s play series on this game on YouTube and was absolutely fascinated. I bought it and started playing it. It’s in early access and while it’s a little rough around the edges, I am enjoying playing it so far

#01 – Getting Started

Getting the hang of the game and getting involved with a startup.

#02 – Self Driving Cars

Getting involved with self driving cars.

#03 – Optimisin’

Lots of optimisations.

#04 – More Optimisin’


Try my hand at more optimisations and also complete one more task.

#05 –¬†$2,147,483,648


Fail at completing a task because it’s just a little too slow. Run into a bug that puts me billions of dollars in debt, effectively ending my playthrough.

Space Engineers Showcases

Here we have some of the items I have showcased


Big Bertha – Leviathan Mining Ship


I got tired of the multiple mining trips I had to do. This frustration led me to build this large mining ship. It took me several hours and more steel plates than I could count. Hope you enjoy this tour