[UE4] Unreal Engine & miniupnp

This post covers how to integrate pnp into an unreal project using miniupnp.

The first step is to clone the project from github

The module that we are interested in is the miniupnpc and in that directory, there is another directory called msvc and this contains the solution file for Visual Studio. Open this and if you have a more recent version of visual studio (which very likely do), it will want to upgrade everything. Let it go through the upgrade process.

Building the project now will most likely fail due to a missing file miniupnpcstrings.h . This file needs to be generated and the way to do that is to run a script in that folder called updateminiupnpstrings.sh. You will most probably need something like cygwin to for this script to work as it a unix shell to work

Once the miniupnpcstrings.h has been generated, we also need to follow some instructions for Unreal Engine for Linking Static Libraries Using The Build System, particularly the section on customizations for targeting UE4 modules.

From the project properties page, choose configuration manager. From the Active Solutions Platform, select new and type in or select x64 and save it. You have to do this for only one of the projects.

Building of the static project will fail since it can’t find the lib which is now in x64\Release as opposed to just Release\. The exe is not required for integrating with Unreal Engine, but if you want to complete the build, just fix the path in Project Properties -> Linker -> Input.

You should choose the release build instead of the debug build and you should now be able to build the solution from visual studio. It did pop up some warnings for me, but the build completed successfully.

The rest of the instructions are from the unreal engine documentation about integrating static libraries, starting from section about Third Party Directory

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