Hold on tight

Hold on tight,
To everything,
Just hold on tight,
for you don’t know when,
when it might all go,
when it might all disappear.

Hold on tight,
for one day,
it will go,
it will disappear.

But not today,
Not right now,
not if I can help it.

For tomorrow,
Realise that it is gone,
and not for a moment or a day,
but for ever.

And I might resent that which,
that, which,
which slipped away,
while I held on to these hot coals.

Scars are but I have left,
but not from that,
not that which I desired,
but that I didn’t,
that which I couldn’t,
I just…

Told once not to,
Don’t give life your all,
Not if happiness is seeked,
Not within the confines,
Not happiness in the life,
Not the life you know,
Not the life you understand.

So I held on,
To the net,
The safety nets,
Not just one,
But all I could.

And yet, ripped,
Not just away,
Not just apart,
All the nets,
If not in life,
then in death.

To live a life,
As alone as it will be,
For nobody,
To throw away,
To discard their nets,
Their safety nets,
In life, and walk.

Along the edge,
Where with a hello,
and  a how do,
life meets death.

To die is to live,
To live is life,
But if happiness you seek,
Happiness confined,
Happiness from another,
Don’t take the leap.

Just hold on tight…

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