It had been a very long night and we had been travelling for a while. It was a long and arduous journey. We were all tired. We set up camp at dawn. I could see that the other creatures of the night, fellow creatures of the dark were quietening down and the creatures of light were starting to chirp and make their various sounds as if music.

We picked a quiet spot to make camp. The strange creature like man they called Acacius led the group, tending to our severely injured leader, Ta’oma with such care and affection, with such love that it was difficult to believe that he was not a creature of light.

As the moon set, the sun rose and its golden rays would soon blind us. We crawled into the most comfortable spaces that we could find while Acacius stood watch. Here was a creature who did not know fatigure, nor did his power or energy wane during darkness of light, a creature akin to a god but I know better – there is no such thing as gods or demons. Except of course within ourselves.

As my eyelids started to shut weighed heavily by the burden of the night, I saw Acacius sit in the middle of the camp, in the lotus posture, eyes closed. I had heard that sight was not necessary in the lives of someone like Acacius or Ta’ome who could simply sense the energy of the universe.

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