First Love

The first phone I ever got was a Motorola Startac 70. This was back in 98 or so, a flip phone and I still remember it ever so clearly!

I’m pretty sure my next phone was an A1000, a pretty awesome phone. This was around the time that Motorola started releasing the razr which I was far from impressed with. I jumped ship to Sony Erricson and I went through a couple of those before heading over to the wonderful world of HTC. I wanted a smart phone to help with work and so on and I got the HTC HD (If I recall) which was a Windows phone.

While this make me uncomfortable, I was still more comfortable with this than a blackberry. I couldn’t get an iPhone for some reason that I cannot remember.

The phone was pretty laggy and I got pretty sick of it pretty quick. I then got myself my first android phone – an HTC Hero… Most people didn’t like the curvy bit at the bottom but I didn’t care. I was happy to be on the cutting edge. It was also a bit slow and laggy. but it was android and I loved it. It started a brand new love affair… Let me tell you more…

This phone got rooted and got all forms on interesting things installed on there. I eventually wanted a phone that was faster and more responsive and opted for the HTC Desire.

Another phone that I loved and it was quicker… and that was nice. I finally had a phone that could compete with the iPhone and did a lot of the things that I wanted it to do. It provided me with the level of flexibility that I wanted.

Unsurprisingly, I rooted that one too and loved it. I wanted the HTC Desire HD when it came out but I had to wait out contract expiries and a good thing it was too.

By the time I was able to get a new phone, I was sick of HTC for various reasons. I had installed a ROM on my phone without HTC Sense and I was surprised at just how much I just did not miss it.

On doing some research, I also realised that HTC had fallen behind and had no “superphones” available.

This led me to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Motorola Atrix. It was a tough call for me and for a while, I was seriously considering the S2.

Throwing the question around the office, the Atrix was recommended and without a second thought as such, I went for it. Motorola deserved another shot and I loved their high resolution screens.

My mum got the S2 and someone else I know had it too. I had gotten used to other people having the same phone as me with the Desire, but I love to have something different. The S2 seemed a little flimsy and I like the more solid feeling from the Atrix.

The phone arrived today along with a keyboard, mouse, remote control and a dock. I had a very busy day, so didn’t really have a change to play around with the accessories. I’ll tell you what though – I remember why I loved Motorola in the first place.

I feel sophisticated and techy with the phone. I love the fingerprint scanner. Its a little laggy and its arguable as to whether its any quicker than punching in the passcode but that’s not relevant. Its bloody cool.

And the screen – the screen in absolutely beautiful. Better than HD.

It also come jam packed with some cool applications like Swype. I used to have it a long time ago when it could be purchased.

After it was pulled, I switched to SlideIT which I thoroughly enjoyed. Going to back to Swype though has been beautiful. It just looks and feels much nicer.

There is one complaint in that it still runs Android 2.2. instead of 2.3. Perhaps I shall learn patience. I am not sure if I will root this one. Hopefully I don’t quite get bored of it as I did with the HTC’s.

I like the bunch of additional stuff that comes with the Motorola phone including the Swype. I’m not convinced that I’ll want to give that up.

I’ll just wait patiently for the gingerbread upgrade. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the other ways in which the device is awfully sweeeeet!

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