Lana – Acacius

There are things I haven’t told you. I wander these streets my head in the clouds and my feet barely on the ground… Rain pours heavily and my hair is sticking to my face. My coat soaked and yet my throat as parched as the desert at high noon.

I stumble into a bar in the darkest of night and order a scotch – neat! The redhead that serves me bring back faintly vivid memories of a blonde I once knew. Her shoulder length hair draped over a bright purple low cut top. Cleavage like mountains.

The bar as quiet as the night herself and the lights as dim as the ones that light my heart. I take off my coat and drape it over the bar and I can’t help but sense the love with which the coat clings on to the bar is if so frightened of falling – perhaps in love. Why did no one bother to tell it that it is not the falling but that sudden stop that will kills!

She brings the drink over and I take a wholesome sip. It burns my mouth, my tongue with a passion I haven’t felt in recent memory. I let it envelop my whole mouth. I can feel it burning through every part of my mouth that it can taste.

I ask for another one as it just rolls down my throat burning everything in its path and the rest of it is poured in my mouth.

She looks at me quizzically! I tap twice on the bar and say “please!”.. and she trots off to pour me another one. As she walks away, I can’t help but admire her from behind. She reminds of a brunette I knew once, not so long ago. The vividly faint memories flush my mind as the scotch burns my mouth and my throat with eager anticipation.

I can feel the peat thunder through my palate, burning all in its path. I close my eyes to listen to the music for the first time and it tells that the I’ve got to believe.. little does it know…

Brought back to reality by the drink being put in front of me, I decide to savour it a bit more this time. I take a big sniff of it and I can feel it rush up my nostrils and try to pierce through to my brain…

I only take a sip this time and turn around to look at the blonde that asks me if the seat next to me is taken. I wave my arm as if to say – “all yours!”… As she sits down, I realise that she reminds me of a redhead I once knew… With curves like a dagger, brutal yet somehow alluring. Inviting me to surrender to death.

She orders a scotch and I wave to the redhead and ask her to put it on my tab.

The blonde turns around and thanks me. I point out to her how rare it is to meet a girl who drinks scotch.

I finish my scotch and order another two as I introduce myself. She tells me that her name is Lana.  I tell her about this girl I once knew by that name… I look into her deep green eyes, caress her face, with skin so soft and tell her that the Lana I knew had eyes bluer than the ocean and her soul as kind as the oceans are deep paled in comparison to how danced… in the darkest of night, in the heaviest of rain, with the full moon the only light…

The next thing I know, I am being thrown up against the wall of my apartment. The glass walls looking out into an ocean. She rips my shirt apart as if it was made of paper and her lips finds its way around my face, my neck and my chest..

I push her away, which fails, so I pick her up and throw her on the couch. Softest leather in the world. I grab the remote and put on the stereo and it blares out screaming to the world that a seven nation army could not hold me back. I head over the bar and pour two drinks – of scotch. She comes over and holds me from behind, running her fingers, as soft as silk on my chest and kissing my neck with her lips softer than her skin.

I turn around and hand her a drink which she promptly puts down to kiss me. I don’t let her – I lean back and make her work harder… I enjoy watching her get a little frustrated… and try harder to get closer.

I take her hand and lead her over to the sofa and I sit down with her looking over me. She leans over to kiss me and I let her kiss me this time, but only briefly. I run my fingers up her soft naked legs, under her dress.

I run my hands softly up her inner thighs kissing her gently, like butterflies with my fingers. She breathes in sharply as I reach round and slowly, gently, up behind her and slowly reach into her pants. I pull them down, again, with my fingers gently kissing her skin all the way down. She lifts up one leg after the other as I take it off and throw it into the distance.

She bends on knee and places it alongside me and then the other to straddle me. She leans forward to kiss me and I let her kiss me… little butterfly kisses to start.

My hands run up her back and into her hair and down her back again. I run my fingers on her shoulders and and across her chest – pushing her away gently to visually absorb her stunning red dress tightly caressing her curves like blood on a dagger…

I look into her eyes and lean forward to kiss her. She tries to lean back to tease me but my arms hold her tight and there is no room for her to move…

My lips touch her lips and I can feel them making love, but her lips are not enough. I kiss her lower lip, her chin and her neck as my hands take hers and wrap it behind her.. trapped but only for a moment, before I run my fingers up them to find her shoulders again. It seems my fingers cannot get enough of her soft soft skin.

She pushes me back. Looks into my eyes, and her fingers run down to undo my belt and I realise that as much I would love to tell you what happens next.. it will have to wait… 😛

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