The Urn – Acacius

I take a quick swig from my hipflash, put it back safely, quick sprint and I leap off. I turn back to look at the plane and I see my two lieutenants leap out of the airship as well saddled with parachutes. I relax into the air, and time slows down to an absolute crawl. The wind whistles past my ears and I watch as they release their parachutes. I take a moment and turn around to face the ground for impact. I crash into the ground, and as I open my eyes, I see the dust slowly settle around me. I’m surround by an army.

I briefly look up and spot the two parachutes landing close by. I look around and spot my target – he is amidst them all in a chariot, heading towards me. The two parachutes land in flanking positions amidst the army. I unsheathe my sword and can’t help but smile.

The soldiers come at me in swathes and I cut them down. I feel my sword enter the heart of one and the lungs of another. As I begin to feel myself get bored of the bloodshed, I clear a circle around me. I leap on to the shoulders of the ones closest to me and run across on the shoulders of the soldiers before they have a moment to realise what is happening or react. I run across and when the chariot is but a stones throw away, I leap and land on one side of the chariot. My lieutenants are not here yet but I see that they have seen what I did and they do the same thing. I turn around and roar.

The soldiers around my leap up on to me and drag me to the floor. I use my sword to block the attacks and push back hard as I leap to my feet. I fight them off and it doesn’t take long for my lieutenants to get to me. Once they distract the soldiers, I use some of the dead soldiers and the shoulders of some who are alive to help me leap on to the top of the chariot. My sword cuts through the top of and I use my hands to rip it apart and drop inside.

I see the fear on his face as my swords softly touches his neck and a smile creeps into my face. I use my other hand to reach for my hip flash and take a sip.

His hands tremble as he reaches under his seat and brings out the urn. I can hear the screaming and fighting outside. As my fingers grasp the urn, I hear the whistling was was faint earlier rapidly get louder and turn into a shrieking whine.

The next thing I know I’m flying through the air riding a shock wave of epic proportions. I crash into the ground and I look around and see that my lieutenants have also landed nearby. Immortality is cool but it can be painful at times. I pick myself up and look behind to see that most of the army is decimated. In the air however, I spot airships – and they’re not mine. They glide low and drop soldiers to the ground and they amass like ants and they rush towards us.

I signal to the other two and turn around to spot our airship in the distance gliding towards us. Its bay doors opening slowly. The hot air hits me like a wall as I leap up and grab on to the hanging door along with the other two. I lift myself up into the bay along with the others and hit the door close button. For an instant, I felt the g-force spike as the air ship made an abrupt stop mid air and lifted off directly into the stratosphere.

I pat them both on the shoulders, grab my flash and finish it off as I head to the cockpit…

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