“Escape” – Ta’oma’

The cliff is steep and the lands below are bustling in this early spring afternoon. Soon, very soon, I shall rule this world, and with it the universe. It has been over two hundred years since we were woken by Acacius, but  there is still no sign of him Without him, the armies of Aelia will fall and the children of light will be corrupted with the blood of the innocent.

I can taste the iron in the blood of victory in the cool air. My armies are committed and it won’t be long before the final battle starts.


After I awoke, I realised that the world had changed in the two thousand years that I was asleep. Humanity had kept itself busy fighting between themselves – we were never even missed. If only we weren’t restricted to meagre fractions of our armies if we are to fight on this world or they could have witnessed a real war.

My awakening meant that the other nine was also awake. The only wildcard was Acacius and his complete absence meant that this was, for the first time in all eternity truly between the armies of the dark and the armies of the light. I knew that to achieve victory, I needed allies.

More importantly, I needed a strong human presence since this was would be fought on all fronts. I sent my team of four to the four corners of the world to build an empire, to make allies and be ready for my call. This works as a good deterring tactic, particularly since Aelia and her armies will be reluctant to spill the blood of the innocent.

It doesn’t matter how powerful my army is if I don’t know where the enemy is. This was for me to tackle.

It took a lot of hunting and a few years ago, I discovered the location of one of their offices. The head of the corporation, Lucia reports directly to Aelia. She was my target, and I got to know her. We fell in love and together, we will rule all that is, and all that ever will be…


As I turn around, I can see Lucia’s airship in the distance dropping her off. I changed the plans to move the final battle a few weeks earlier and she is not going to like that. Our preparations finished ahead of schedule and there is no point in waiting.

I don’t like having to walk all the way over there but there is far too much at stake and it is not worth the risk of being spotted by anyone. The ground starts to turn muddy as rain starts to pour down, as if sad to see the world as it is come to an end. I can feel the rain dripping down my face and I can see her now, her long black hair clinging to her face and her black coat. She is walking slowly towards me. I smile. She smiles back, but its different. I haven’t seen this smile before.

She knows something that I do not… not yet and I can feel my gut twisting – I am not going to like what is to come.

The clouds clear, the rain stops and sun’s brightness streams through with a vengeance. She takes her coat off to reveal white, pure pure white silk clinging close to her soft skin. Her hair changes, the water in her hair glistens, for a moment, and slowly changes to gold, dry, and flowing the soft the soft breeze.

The irony of the betrayal made me smile. This was Aelia herself. Now, we are both equal, just on opposite sides, so I know that she would not be here unless her armies were nearby. I know that her lieutenants are engaged elsewhere through my other sources.

She kneels on one knee and picks up the sand, which is now dry and throws it into the air. From it springs beautiful creatures of gold and platinum, thousands of them. in the blink of an eye, there was an army.

The beauty of it brought a tear to my eye as it always did and I took my stand. She smiled a confident smile and I laughed. She mistook it for arrogance and her smile widened in preparation for victory.

Just as they prepared to attack, there was a loud boom through the sky. It was one of my transports, zooming along at mach something or other. Too fast to pick me up but not to drop something off. Not something, but two of my lieutenants. Before Aelia and her army recovered from the surprise, the two lieutenants had already thrown their daggers at her. The three of us are charging towards them all.

I can see the two daggers join together in front of me to form a sword and going right for Aelia. I’m glad there are rules against using “modern” weapons – swordplay is just more fun. The satisfaction you get from plunging it into a body is unparalleled – where is the joy in squeezing a trigger?

Before the sword finds its intended target, one of her soldiers get in front On impact, it turns to dust, but before the sword has a chance to fall to the ground, my hand is around the hilt. She has her sword out as well. To either side, I can see my lieutenants fighting through hordes of the creatures.

As I raise my sword to strike, I can feel the rage, the anger and the desire for destruction boiling to the surface. I want to slowly place this sword into her heart. Just as I was about to bring the sword down and strike, I hear something metallic drop down at my feet. It beeps and sends out a powerful shockwave throwing us all apart. It takes me a second to recover and I hear the noise of a car – who still drives those?

It screams through the space between the three of us and the army. It spins around to separate the army from us. I can see from his manner, the cigarette in his hand, the hipflask on the passenger seat, and the music blaring loudly that its Acacius. He gestures for us to pop in and without hesitation, we jump in. He turns around and speeds to the cliff…

The army of Aelia following behind. Before I can ask him what the hell he was doing, we are flying off the edge of the cliff. Just as I wonder if I should have just stayed and fought, I see an airship – its docking bays are open. We land, race to the end and come to a stop. He switches the car off and after I take a moment to catch my breath, ask him why he still drives around in one of these. “Meh, I still like them”, he tells me.

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