Synergy with Linux Server & Mac Client

I  borrowed a mac to try and play with iPhone development. I already have a linux box (running Ubuntu 9.10). Anyone who has used two computers simultaneously know how annoying it is to have two keyboards/mice plugged. I originally anticipated just using X11 forwarding. However, it is an iMac with a big beautiful screen. It would be an absolute waste to not use it.

I installed synergy on both ends, with the linux one as the server

$ sudo aptitude install synergy

and the mac as the client

and it worked.

There was just one very very annoying problem. The Ctrl key and Cmd keys were different. This really messed with my muscle memory. After some hunting around, I just had to update my .synergy.conf file in linux. Here is the relevant section

section: screens

et voila. It now works a charm. I  have neglected the configuration of the synergykm and synergys but these can be figured out easily 😉

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